It is very essential to actually dress up while working from home. This sort of helps shift your mentality into work mode, and that’s how you boost your productivity. Its also very helpful when your boss asks you to hop on an impromptu zoom meeting!

Outfit 1: styling a basic white t-shirt

I like to pair my basic t-shirt with comfortable khaki pants. If the weather is on the chilly side you can actually DIY your own poncho using your throw blanket, don’t forget the socks! I added my hat-pendant necklace to make the outfit look like I actually put in an effort to look good!

Outfit 2: The maxi skirt and camisole look

This is an effortless outfit that you can put together on days when you want a more girlish look. Add on some accessories like a neckpiece and rings to make it a little bit edgy.

Outfit 3: The updated pyjama look

This is a two piece look I got a while back. It’s basically highwaisted leggings and a crop top. For contrast and visual interest, I chose to layer it with my beige oversized trench coat. Definitely the outfit I’d wear on a chilly day, or say if your apartment is like on the 8th floor

I hope your work from home sessions are as productive as you would wish them to be! As always, thank you so much for reading.

Photography by Hok Photography

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