I know I am a girl and I probably go through a hundred and one emotions in a day or maybe let’s say a week…. but there is always this time I feel some glowing kind of happiness. The kind of happiness you can’t really put a finger on. Sure it would be easy to be happy because it was your cheat day and you got to down that bowl of ice cream that you’ve been craving, or you’ve struck gold and bought the cutest pair of heels..”ladies I know we can never have enough of shoes” , or maybe you’ve come across the right shade of red lipstick that you’ve been looking for over the last couple of months, but all in all there is always some kind of undefined happiness that you  feel once in a while.


It is this undefined happiness that inspired the look I have on today. A cute purple romper with some gorgeous prints and fabric that feels so beautiful to my skin. This outfit definitely redefines what we all call comfort. Well save for the comfort, it’s something you could wear to a Friday night office party, a Saturday afternoon barbecue or a Sunday morning date by the beach or perhaps to a Monday evening photo shoot like I did because I felt that undefined happiness.


My poses over the shoot definitely also kind of solidify my argument. One moment i was all composed and doing standing poses, the next moment I was onto some diva poses on the concrete bench, the next moment I was all dolled up smelling flowers as I lay on the grass and in heart beat I was all jumpy and jolly.

The bottom line is enjoy your undefined happiness whenever it comes along and remember to always smile and make the world a happier place. See you next time.











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