The Mustard Sweater Dress (Part 01/02)

Hello readers how has the week been for you? I hope you’re all ticking off those goals one after the other. I hear the year is almost ending! Haha

So today we are going to kick off the ‘one item different outfits’ challenge. This basically means I will share with you guys how to wear a single fashion piece differently.

The first piece is going to be this mustard sweater dress. On the first part, we accessorized it with black hat and a bucket bag. This outfit would be perfect for a festival kind of event especially those held during the day. You can also rock this look if you are visiting the coastal region since the sun tends to be quite hot. Add on sun glasses and you have the perfect look.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, do you have any ideas on any fashion pieces that you would like to see me accessorize differently? Please leave them on the comment section and let me know.

Talk to you guys soon with another way of styling this mustard piece.

Thanks for passing by! Love and peace

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