Hello readers.  Today I’m sharing with you my visit to the Nairobi National Museum, featuring the outfit of the day. First, let’s have a look at what I wore.

I paired my blue jeans with a basic white tee, then threw on a blue leather jacket, and sneakers.

Now to accessorize the look, I added my sunglasses, a giraffe pendant neckpiece and carried my blue sling bag to color coordinate.

Let’s see, what comes to your head every time someone mentions the Nairobi National Museum? I bet it’s the galleries and Ahmed of Marsabit, no?

 Thing is, there is more to this Museum than a guided tour in the galleries and the snake park. We have nature, then there is the Peace Path Labyrinth. This is a path that has been specially made of stones from different lands of the country, Kenya.

They called it the peace path because it creates a sacred space where inner and outer worlds connect. Now, walking in this labyrinth is a three-step process.

Step 1: You walk towards the center, releasing any negative thoughts and feelings that do not serve you and your soul.

Step 2: You pose in the center, reflect on everything and receive.

Step 3: You walk out along the same path, returning with peace and remembering who you are.

Fun fact: It is nice to walk in the labyrinth with bare feet.

I hope you receive inner peace, love and positivity.

As always, thank you for reading.

Photography by: HOK Photography

Location: The Nairobi National Museum

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