How has this week been guys? Interesting, no? Well I have a getaway solution for you. Just recently I visited the Elsamere museum. It is right on the shores of lake Naivasha, Kenya. In case you are wondering what the museum is all about, here’s a brief.


The Elsamere museum was initially the home of the famous natural and cultural conservatist, Joy Adamson. The museum tells the story of Joy, George the husband and Elsa, the pet. However don’t let the word pet fool you. Elsa is the lioness that she tamed. I know you are thinking, “How would you tame a lion or lioness? “  I don’t know either, we’d ask Joy. If only she were still around.


We’d perhaps also turn to George for answers but he too passed on. He lost his life on the nightingale. I did get to see the nightingale which is the land rover in which George and his assistant were killed. The bullet holes are still very evident. Sad I know.


Other than the vivid memories offered by the nightingale there is more to the museum including the personal effects of Joy and George. What caught my attention was the dress made for Joy by the queens tailor still intact and standing in the museum in all its glamour and glory. The cameras used by George are also showcased in the museum as well as a host of paintings done by Joy. Her paintings were subtle and beautiful.


The same beauty is reflected in the exterior experience of the museum. While seated outside I was able to take in the serene scenic beauty of lake Naivasha. The peace i felt is definitely something I fell in love with.  The museum also offered me delicacies including their high tea! This includes up to six different types of cake. I chose to taste everything! I guess we can blame that on my sweet tooth. I took my tea while watching the Colobus monkeys feast on the fruits they had been served with. What more would you possibly ask for.


The museum’s experience is breathtaking. Guides and chefs are also very friendly and the charges at the museum will not dent your wallet at all. This is definitely a must visit guys. Thank me later.


Finally let’s say I decided to keep it simple with my chiffon high-low dress and blue doll shoes. I also threw in my sunglasses to try and spice up the look.

And lastly, don’t forget to travel with the people you love 🙂

Until next week, ciao!

PHOTOGRAPHY BY hok_photography







26 thoughts on “THE ELSAMERE MUSEUM”

  1. Wooow, av never known that there is such a beautiful museum in Naivasha, thanks to you honey I now know. That dress is so beautiful, you look lovely, and the background is heavenly, now, hope you slipped a piece of that yummy cake in your bag for me.
    Looking forward to next Friday, am getting hooked on these blogs. Keep up dear, am so proud of you

    1. Nothing makes me happier than knowing my readers love my work and more importantly learn something new.
      I am soo humbled Akoth hun😊
      Definitely more coming
      See you next Friday 😊

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