At times we drown ourselves in thought trying to get the perfect outfit. We even talk to ourselves and make all sorts of funny expressions on our faces subconsciously. We take virtual walks into our closets and stand in front of the mirror over and over trying to figure out what will work.  Making a perfect composition can be a daunting task, but must it?

Let’s take a walk down my memory lane and see whether I had to pull off my hair before I came up with this all black look I have on today. It’s just one of those bright and sunny Saturdays and I wake up full of energy. I’m set to do my week’s long laundry and have an evening shoot.  I sort of have the outfits I want to shoot all lined up in my head. In my mind I’m all set, I just have to pack.

Doing laundry and  dancing to all the latest jams that have been dropping  makes me lose track of time.  By the time it hits me I only have an hour to get ready, pack and leave. Remember the phrase “Everything that can go wrong will go wrong” that’s exactly what happens. Some of my outfits aren’t ironed, I can’t trace where some are and others are suddenly not working as I had earlier imagined. I end up throwing together what I can and dash off since my photographer is getting a little impatient.

On getting to the shoot location I pick all the black pieces I’d carried. Minutes later I’m posing in this outfit. It has me feeling all sorts of amazing! But I look good guys, don’t I?  I paired my black pants with a tank top, then finished off the look with this black fur coat. My black ankle boots too came in handy.

Lesson? Black is magical and sometimes the best outfits are random.

Until next week guys, thanks for passing by.

Photographed by HOK Photography

Fur Coat by Withessycollection





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