Hello to you all! How are you all holding up? Get ready for quite the play with my outfit today as well as a few of my struggles on deciding which photo gets to go up on the blog. Well at times I am so obsessed with all the photos that were shot that I can’t quite figure out which ones to pick. It gets hard to have to leave out a photo on the blog post when I know it definitely deserves to be seen. Save for my decision making dilemma did I mention how pretty I feel today? And how I feel like adding a little bounce to my walk.


With that feel good energy flowing through me I made a decision to do an easy look. Nothing too fancy. My black pants and the little crop top did the magic. Today’s post is going to emphasize on one fact, you don’t have to buy expensive outfits to look good. You can stretch the shilling. By the way, I’m not saying there is anything wrong with treating yourself to some expensive goodies. Let’s face it, we all deserve some bit of that at times.


Most of the outfit options I have on today are quite affordable. As much as we all know how relative that can be, they really were. The top and trouser bring out my body nicely, I’d like to say, embrace your curves ladies! You own them.


On the first option I decided to wear a chiffon top with my outfit, to give it that easy feel. By adding the chiffon  top to the outfit you introduce the element of comfort by ensuring that you don’t expose a tad bit too much skin.


On the second option I felt that i needed something more amazing compared to my first outfit idea. So with my all brilliant ingenuity I decided to turn my scarf into a top. Yes! That’s a scarf and not a tailored top! I folded my red scarf into two, crossed it over my chest and threw in a vintage-like belt I had to complete my outfit. Therefore, if you have a scarf, just get a belt and you can create your own unique sense of style. Like I said, you do not have to dent your wallet to look good.


As I wind up I’d like urge all the ladies out there to just turn to the creative parts of their minds when they get bored with all the outfits in their closet. We all have creative juices. We just have to tap into them and we will be looking glamourous all day. I’ll let the pictures do the talking. I really hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed writing it and the photo shoot.

Until next Friday. Take care!

Photography by hok_photography










  1. Wait, is that a scarf? Woow your creativity is amazing. You look awesome in that outfit honey. Let me try out that scarf magic.

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