Sometimes you need to take a trip to this place everyone has been talking about. Or probably to a destination you’ve been dreaming about all your life, and you’ve been saving up for over a couple of months or even years.


What you will need is an outfit that is very comfy yet a little bit playful. So I chose this purple dungaree short. It exposes a little bit of my skin but hey we are not going to the office guys!


Flat shoes are the best decision you will make for your feet. However, if you love heeled shoes and you really can’t do without them, you can choose a comfortable wedge or a short heel.  I rocked my black boots to complete my look on this occasion. They have a short heel but are super comfortable. Comfort should be your priority.


Nobody wants the scotching sun all over their face. You can accessorize your entire look with a pair of nice sunglasses and a hat.

As for the poach. It blended so well with my skin I couldn’t resist it! You could keep your sunscreen and other personal items in it. It’s really convenient yet so simple.


Best part is, this same look would still allow you to go out at night. Whether with friends or this person you really like.

Men I know you feel left out on this blog post. But we all could borrow from this post. Not the heeled shoe part though  Bottom line is, when you are travelling, be comfortable. If you are staying for a day or so, pack clothes that don’t take up so much of the space in your bag, you never know which treasures you’ll need to bring back.

Until next time guys. Hope you enjoy.





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