Hello ladies and gentlemen. How are you all holding up? Personally I’m still trying to figure out if I’m exhausted or just sleepy or both. Who is ready for a chit chat?


Lately I’ve been struggling with being awake and active for 18 out of the 24 hours in a day. Growing up I was always quite the sleepy head. I would let us say sleep for 14 hours in a day then wake up and go through my daily routine and in a few hours I’d be back to bed.  Sounds like fun huh? Oh Goodness, I am so nostalgic right now.


Well with that said I’d like to ask if you ever find yourself in a situation where you are hopping from one responsibility to the next, and you know you can’t take a break because achieving those goals, as small as they may seem, is everything to you?  I am at that point in life where I know I have to push myself, rather challenge myself enough. Who else is looking forward to a really bright future? I know I am.  See someone really close to me keeps on quoting; your mind has the power to achieve anything in this world. And I believe that now.


But let’s not forget that after all the hard work we also need to reward ourselves. Ever heard; work hard play hard? And that is why the purple glam. Let’s talk about the fun part of life now. I mean, if we were not enjoying the good things in life what would be the point of working so hard? And as all girls know, dressing chic makes almost every moment count!


So it’s on a Wednesday evening and you are stepping out to say a dinner date. What you will be wearing should be the least of your worries. All you need is an outfit that makes you look classy. You definitely want to create an impression. To do this start by asking yourself which part of your body is your favourite? You might want to show that off more. For example if I decide that today I’m going to choose to rock my waist, this purple one-piece is exactly what I’d choose. Its design screams class!  You can pair it up with your favourite pair of heels and step out.  The best part is that most jumpsuits will go well with flats too, just in case you are too exhausted for heels. After all comfort is king!

With that let me say thanks for your time. I hope you did learn something or better yet enjoyed going through the photos.

With love, until next Friday.

Photography by: HOK Photography





20 thoughts on “MY PURPLE GLAM”

  1. damn!! lady you know when i see Slim waist how crazy it drives…. now this is encouraging, as from next week,i need to hit the gym really hard to achieve that as well.. and that jumpsuit specifically on you, i drop it at that coz I’m not getting the right words 😍😍😘

  2. Ahem!!!but do i say!!!!True definition of class,how that jumpsuit makes you look,Am totally inlove😍😍 and the little details too are just but super amazing

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