Wait is this even orange or red or a shade of…. Whatever just ignore it.  I’m not so good with colours. My focus will be on the dress.


For most of my teenage years, I wasn’t all that girly. I was more of a tom boy. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with being so but let’s face it, we all have those days we want to look like bro. ‘’You know what I mean?’’ (Insert bass voice in a chilled back mood) Rocking baggy clothes and wearing snap backs just like Missy Elliot did it in her music videos back in the day.


With that said I still love that part of me, but lately I find myself at, say an equilibrium, if that makes sense. A scenario being where on one day I’m in my simple trouser, a tee and sneakers, on the next day I’ve shifted to my bandage dress, heels and I’m all glammed up in gold jewelry. I would like to refer to my new self as……. FLEXIBLE.


So this sweater dress makes me feel all girlish and warm. It has a side slit which gives it the chic feel. Best part is you can button it up if you are feeling a bit conservative, and rock it to church or to a family get together. Alternatively if you’re feeling like a diva you can let the slit flow and wear it with a suede pair of wedges like I did.


Today I will let the pictures finish off the description of the outfit. I hope you guys find this style refreshing. I also hope the vibrant pop of colour brightens up your weekend.

Till next Friday.

Love and peace.

Photos by HOK_PHOTOGRAPHY (Instagram)









31 thoughts on “MY ORANGE AFFAIR”

  1. Adorable! I love the shoes! daaaamn! And you make the dress and color orange look so beautiful. You totally rock. Now this is what we call beauty. Literally. Keep them coming gorgeous.

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