Hello everyone!

Boom!!! October is here and it kicked off in style with my birthday. I’m one year older, please wish me luck, good fortune and amazing hair days for the year to come! During my birthday I had one of those days you want to live in forever, in that, you are still in denial that your once in a year special day will have to end at some point. Like you want to enjoy it for two or three days, if possible even a week! I’m not crazy guys, am I ?


Anyway so in the middle of my denial I realise Friday is almost here, and I haven’t done much for my second love …..The blog! I don’t know if you all know this but content creation needs some thinking, inspiration, and yes the time.


So as I was jolting my ideas on my note pad I felt the urge to ask whether it is only me or do you also stare at your wardrobe at times and wonder what to put on for the day. It is always a dilemma getting dressed every morning I must say. I love getting an outfit that will inspire someone, or help someone get a tip or two in relation to fashion, or better still entertain those who read my blog.


Having turned a year older and weighing in all the goals I’d just set I felt that I needed to give the best to my darling readers. So I settled on this little sweater dress, which also happens to be a body con. There’s this notion that if it’s a sweater dress it has to go with maybe leggings, or say boots. I just found a different way to rock a bodycon sweater dress. You can pair it up with a pair of heels and probably a matching bag, or any colour that blends. With this look you can go to the office, and even to corporate meetings. And soo…..Those are my fashion tips for this Friday.


As I sign off I’d like to give special Thanks to my photographer, he’s always been of great help when it comes to the poses. You could work with him too on any of your upcoming photography projects. Find the link to his Instagram page at the end of this post.

Until next Friday, ciao!

Photographed by HOK Photography







32 thoughts on “MY LITTLE SWEATER DRESS”

  1. I wish everyday was Friday so that I get to see all these glamorous photos, beautiful ideas and mind blowing beauty. I wonder how you do it, the poses are amazing, I’d probably break a hip trying one of those sexy poses. You do it with so much grace and ease. I love everything, the sweater dress, shoes and that bag is so cuuuute.
    Bravo darling! Can’t wait for the next blog. 😍

    1. Aaaww I am so so humbled 😊😊
      And as for the next post, you hold up it will be here on Friday😊
      BTW you wouldn’t break a hip 😂 You get better with time

  2. Everything is perfect:from the sweater dress, the shoes, the bag, the poses, the wording to the body which crowns it all. I think I’m falling for this blogging. Authentic work 👌

  3. This is so great Essy… I’m just in love with everything…the ideas too…
    Keep the fire burning… Looking forward for more tips…

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