Why are you wearing my dress?! I asked her. My sister is, say about three years younger than me. My mum was definitely our inspiration when it came to fashion back then, or let’s put it this way, she chose our clothes for us. She always bought everything in pairs, just that one was a size bigger. Dresses, thread knit sweaters and so on. One for my younger sister and one for me, same colour same design, same everything.


Funny thing is we liked it, well until I turned twelve and my sister nine. I wanted to be unique. “Like I can’t be wearing the same dress or pair of shoes as my kid sister” I told mum one day. I could tell she wanted to say no, but she couldn’t. She had finally found a solution to our never ending fights on whose dress or trouser it was.


Going back to what we wore those days. Today people love the idea of vintage outfits. Though there are some of us who still don’t get how and why vintage. Like isn’t vintage boring?”


Here’s a better way of rocking those outfits from the good old days. Whichever outfit it is just add a modern day fashion sense to it. I rocked my big afro hairdo which screams vintage, then accessorized with a beaded neckpiece and bangle. I wore a maroon skater skirt and a white slim fit top, and that is for two reasons. One I love white and two, I prefer tops that show my waistline. Then lastly my vintage style white boots.

I hope you guys love today’s post.

Till next Friday. Bye!

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34 thoughts on “LET’S TALK VINTAGE”

  1. Now here comes my Sunday school student. Stunning beauty, slaying Queen.I love what my eyes are seeing.

    Keep up dear, the sky is the limit

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