Hello readers! So I’m currently reading this book by Rachel Gibson and somewhere between the lines she quotes, “If the answer doesn’t come easy forget the question and move on”!  Deep, no? yes? Well maybe. But let’s have a different version today and say, if the answer doesn’t come easy, put on a dungaree and spark up the fun, alright?  Most probably all you need is some little bit of relaxation.

I wanted a playful outfit today, and that’s exactly what this dungaree gives me. I paired it with a little white crop top. I mean, it is that hot! Well I’m kidding, this was actually an evening shoot. I wanted to show you guys one of the several ways of styling up your dungaree any time you are running out of ideas.

You will need a fitting top or better yet a crop top, evidently I went for the latter. For a day out with peers or  during the weekend, choose comfy rubber shoes. I’m sure the outfit sounds casual enough up to there. The icing on the cake would be to wear a hat. That will definitely give enough spice to it!

Rock all day, be comfortable!

Photographed by HOK Photography

Dungaree by withessycollection

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