Hello reader, how are you? In the spirit of mothers’ day, I am reviewing Kesha’s cupcakes. They have a collection that has been specifically done for Mother’s Day. Best part is, you can have a custom-made gift, not only for Mother’s Day, but for any upcoming event. Talk of cupcakes, cakesicles and geohearts.  But today being Mother’s Day, lets focus on that. Kesha’s cupcakes so graciously gifted me with a part of their collection. I received cupcakes, geohearts and cakesicles.

In layman’s language, the geo hearts and cakesicles are simply a piece of cake that has a chocolate shell. I love the fact that the cake inside is soft, moist and not too sweet. Definitely reach out to Kesha’s cupcakes to preorder a gift or treat yourself to these.

The cupcakes I would 100% recommend. Just like the cakesicles, they are so soft and moist. Love them!

Again, in the spirit of mother’s day, I thought, ‘what’s my mums favorite fashion piece?’ That is what inspired today’s fashion tip. Her closet is basically filled with loose fit shift dresses. So here I am styling the only shift dress I own, lol. It is a very beautiful neutral color. I prefer styling it in two ways.

Look 1

I simply wear it as is and pair it with my sandals. To accessorize it, I always go for my black fedora hat and a kiondo to put it all together. This I wear to church mostly, and to family gatherings.

Look 2

The second and my favorite way of styling this loose fit number is by wearing it as a kimono or coverup if you may. For this look I went for a monochromatic color so that the coverup is the centre of attraction. Teamed up with boots and a fedora hat, it creates such an edgy feel. This is definitely my everyday look.

Now allow me to wish you all a very happy Mother’s Day. As always, thanks so much for reading.

Photography by: HOK photography

Cakes by: Kesha’s cupcakes

Shift dress: Thrifted


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