Hello you guys, and all hail to the comfort of sneakers! Allow me to share with you some of my favorite ways to style white sneakers.

LOOK 1: The monochromatic look

The name monochromatic is derived from two words; mono which means one, and chroma which means color. If you are wearing different pieces with the same hue then your outfit is monochromatic. White is it for me!

If you would like to layer, a denim jacket is perfect for a day-to-day casual outfit.

LOOK 2: The shorts and sneakers look

I feel like this outfit screams ‘lets go on vacay!’. I simply paired my shorts with a basic white T-shirt. You can wear a kimono for one, warmth, and two to make the outfit feel a bit conservative. If you ask me, it is most suitable for that road trip you’ve been saving up for!

LOOK 3: The denim skirt and T-shirt look

A good denim skirt is a quintessential in your wardrobe. You can trust it to keep you looking absolutely stylish and comfortable. Pairing it with sneakers gives it the ‘kenyan koroga festival’ vibe.

As always thank you for reading!

Photography by: HOK PHOTOGRAPHY

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