Hi readers. Today I am styling a few African print pieces I got from Metal Street Wear.  Like I keep saying, if a fashion piece helps me express my ethnicity, I’m all for it!

  • The apple green hoodie

This is such a happy color! And the hoodie is perfectly warm for a chilly morning or evening. With this I wanted to create a laid-back casual outfit with a modern spin. To put it together, I paired it with my blue denim shorts and black sneakers. To accessorize, I used my black HOK backpack to create the perfect hike look. I would say the only missing element here would be a wooden walking stick.

  • The navy-blue sweat suit

I know most of us associate a sweatsuit with staying at home or sleeping. But you can actually dress it up. I simply paired mine with a pair of heels and all of a sudden, the outfit is perfect for an informal event like a girls’ day out.

  • The navy-blue hoodie

Now navy blue being a minimal color I wanted to create an everyday look. To style it, I paired it with a grey midi skirt and white sneakers to add visual interest. This is definitely the look I would go for on a day when I’m running errands.

  • The red African-print T-shirt

We all have a T-shirt lying somewhere in the wardrobe that we mostly wear with jeans on the weekends.  I used this beautiful T-shirt to show you that you can actually create an office look. My high-waisted official pants worked perfectly with this red number, I then added a slim belt for that silhouette definition. For shoes I went for black 3-inch chunky heels, then teamed it all up with a red headwrap. It really comes in handy on bad hair days.

All these four pieces fit perfectly, and their price range will not dent your pockets. I would 100% recommend the brand.

 Thank you so much for passing by.

Watch the YouTube here

 African-print T-shirts from: Metal Street Wear

Photography: HOK Photography


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