Hello readers. The mask has become a big part of our life today. If we are being honest, it still feels like an unusual addition to the daily routine. As much as the mask conceals a part of your face that would have been otherwise used as a form of your identity, I believe we can embrace the mask not only as an accessory to our outfit but also as a form of self-expression.

In today’s article, I share with you three basic tips you need in order to fashionably wear your masks

  1. Go monochrome

Going monochrome in a layman’s language means having one hue in your entire outfit, like say, wearing a blue pair of trousers and a blue top.

To translate that in styling the mask, I went for black. Having a black mask meant going for a black pair of jeans and top as my outfit.

2. Color coordinate

When styling a mask that has a busy print, that is, a print that has more than one color, you can color coordinate by ensuring that the top that you wear has a color that is on the print of your mask. In this case, the mask has different hues; white, dark purple and pink. I paired it with a dark purple midi coat.

3. Color block

Colour blocking means wearing complimentary colours.  Take for example my mask has more reds, so I thought what better way than to pair it with a white top!

As always thank you so much for reading.

Photography by : HOK photography

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