Hi readers, are you tired of the same blouse tuck day in day out? This blog post is for you. Today I a share with you four easy ways to tuck and tie your blouse. Our outfit today is a pair of skinny jeans and an official V-neck blouse.

Look 1: Wear it untucked

You can very easily create a semi-formal look by wearing this blouse untucked. Teamed up with a camisole and a pair of skinny jeans, it creates the perfect office look for the weekend.

Look 2: Belt it

Using a belt can very easily elevate your look from 2 to 8 if you ask me. Apart from the fact that it accentuates your curves, it also transitions your look from a baggy blouse to a fitting pair of pants.  Although most times when you see me with a chunky belt, I am almost always hiding a food baby lol.

Look 3: The crisscrossed tuck

To achieve this look, grab the right bottom corner of your untucked blouse, pulling it towards the left side, then tuck. Repeat the same process for the other side. To make the look a bit more polished, add on a slim belt.

Look 4: The belt loop tuck

This is hands down my favorite tuck. It works best especially when you have more shirt than you need. You basically repeat the crisscrossed tuck, but now instead of tucking it, you pull it through your trouser’s/skirt’s belt loop. And voila! There you have it.

As always, thank you for reading.

Photography by: HOK photography


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