Hello readers! Itโ€™s been a minute, you good? I am doing great myself. Today we will talk about frozen innocence. Ever heard that people do not really grow up? That we just learn how to handle situations and issues better? No? Take an example of that team building exercise you and your work mates attended a couple of months ago. The games you engaged in, playing catch, jumping on the trampoline, making circles and some of you even playing kalongolongo. What comes to mind on the way people carried themselves is quite similar to what happens in a nursery school playground. You were all like a bunch of babies having funโ€ฆ Believe me now?


It is in the same manner we find ourselves dressing up. Itโ€™s like we subconsciously want to go back to the childhood days. Those beautiful frozen memories. Where for the girls mummy would dress you up in floral print dresses or in the vintage jeans and tops. For the guys it was always cute little sporty suits.


Looking back at the way I dress up, I realise that I still have that part of my childhood within me. Mama did teach me some fashion tips as much as i like to feel like I know these things better now. So it was in that mood that I decided to rock this little dress. It reminds me of my childhood days. I paired it with my current favourite pair of wedges.


If you have this kind of dress and wondering where or how to rock it, pair it up with a shoe that blends in well. Whether its sneakers, heels, wedges or even flip flops. I mean, there were no limitations to the kind of shoe mama made you put on those days. So long as it was clean!

Until next Friday loves

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