Hello everyone. Come to think of it what can we all describe as Friday Feels in terms of an outfit? Save from the casual polo shirt or t-shirt we wear to the office. Let us look at what else can form part of our Friday wardrobe. It has to be semi-casual I’d say, giving respect to the formality of the office as well as giving off a relaxed vibe.

Today I rocked monochrome hues( remember my last post?) then threw in my white midi kimono. As for the shoes, any brown or toned down shade will go well.  The monochrome hues give a sense of formality whereas the kimono adds a sense of play to the outfit. The quiet colour of the shoes ensures they do not steal away from the subtle look. And there you have it.

This outfit not only goes well at the office but also for a coffee date or an a cocktail event. Have a fun filled Friday and  will see you soon.

Photography by: hok_photography

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