Ola! People say it’s cold so let’s keep warm, I’m hungry and WE suddenly have to go eat or I have a new pair of heels and you have to like them because they cost me a fortune. That’s what I call going with the flow. It happens to everyone especially in the morning when you have no clue what to wear. You normally end up pulling on what comes to mind first or what you think is trending on the streets and hope you glow. So is this a good thing or a bad thing?


I believe that almost every opinion you hear is probably right, depending on that person’s point of view. For example dark blue suddenly turns purple under luminous light, or minute poker dots on a dark skirt or top are never visible from a distance or perhaps there’s that whole argument on whether something is red or orange! Yes it gives me quite the itch when I can’t quite put a finger on which colour is which.


My verdict is; it’s not a bad thing to go with the flow at times and I will give you a reason or reasons. Well, this has been a really interesting week for me with several encounters of strongly opinionated acquaintances. The “You know that dress is grey and there’s nothing you can say will convince me otherwise” (insert an uptown accent and a little hair flip) type of people. Trust me when in that situation you will save your breath by simply saying “yes darling it’s GREY!’’


Since we are still on that opinions vibe I think it’s quite agreeable that we all love the current weather condition.  This is the kind of weather that allows me to rock my skirts and dresses without having to deal sunburns on my back or legs.  Dear weather, could we keep it like this a little longer? My skin is looking gorgeous and amazing!


This is why I decided to do a shoot on my current favourite dress code; where I let my dress hug me nicely then throw in a flowy poncho and a comfy shoe. The beauty about this poncho is, first it is thread knit and hence gives me a little warmth while at it. It is also flexible and it looks amazing with or without a belt. It would also work perfectly with a trouser. I do not want to go on and on about my skin. But hey, it feels all glowy! It’s time to go with the flow of  dress and skirt outfits as well as enjoy the glow because the  weather’s good!

Until next week.

Photography by HOK Photography







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