Yes, It’s Monday again. A big hello to everyone and hello to the traffic, new week and new goals. I have such amazing vibes today, There’s great energy around me and i just feel like dressing in a bubbly way. So let’s put aside the drag Monday is associated with and instead focus on how to brighten it up.

I went for a simple black dress to get the formality right as well as to qualify this as an outfit you can walk into a business meeting or an office with. I also wanted to drag my weekend into the new week so I threw in my bold print kimono that added the much deserved colour pop to the outfit. Whether you go with heels or flats its guaranteed you will brighten up everyone’s day.

Well keep the smiles up, cheer up everyone around you and add a pop of colour to your outfit. If this article has sparked outfit ideas for your week,let me know in the comments section below

May your week be filled with colour, great cheer and blessings.

Photography by: hok_photography

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