Are you looking for a nice food joint to visit? Whether you just want to have a meal by yourself, or want to treat or surprise your loved one, the Cloud Hotel and Suites is the place you need to try out.
Cloud hotel and suites is located at the the 9th floor of Diamond Plaza, Parklands, Nairobi. This hotel is definitely “the” package! You get to enjoy their delicious food at quite an affordable price for one.
Second the view you get while enjoying your meal! I’m not exaggerating. You get quite an amazing view of the city from the 9th floor. If you are travelling or just want to get away for a day or two, there are accommodation services here too. Plus their staff are very friendly and  professional!
Their interior decor is quite calming. The ambience created by the lighting combined with the modern style of the restaurant is definitely something you’d like to experience in person. I know I loved it.
For bonus points. They have a small in bar for those who would like to enjoy a glass or two. Last and not least, this hotel has a heated swimming pool on the 9th floor! And their charges are totally worth it. I would highly recommend this joint guys. Go experience! Thank me later. Photography by: HOK photography Neck Piece: HOK Merchandise Outfit: Was a gift Shoes: Thrifted Watch: Was a Gift

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