I mean it’s been a minute. Well a minute since I snoozed my alarm at 5.00 and I have no clue how my watch reads 6.00. My bed is really warm and I can’t really reach for my phone to set the alarm for 6.30, so I decide to pretend I’m listening to a classical tune. I finally gather the strength to hit the snooze button but it’s pouring outside. What to wear?!


I’m torn between dressing warmly and having to deal with the weird stare everyone will give me when the sun comes out. Or just act like a mental case and step out in my vest and high waist trousers. Girl troubles, you know.


But then it hits me. How about I beat the odds. The odds of the weather that flips on you. I mean, it does a complete 360 degrees. One minute it’s raining and the next it’s blazing hot. Anyone who’s been in Nairobi the past few weeks will understand me.


So back to beating the odds. Today I will be wearing my grey sweater top which is neither too warm nor too light.  It’s an in between that works for both sunny and cold weather. For extra warmth, you can throw in your scarf and gloves. These are items that can easily be tucked away in your purse when the sun comes out.


Well that’s how I beat the odds. Please share your life hacks when it comes to beating moody weather on the comment segment below.

Until next week.

Photography by HOK Photography








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