A heartbeat later after we’ve received those gorgeous red roses, gotten that big warm bear hug, after the chocolate has melted in our mouth and the wine has given life to the conversation, the beauty of the day is felt. I totally advocate for someone showing love each and every day but he or she should raise the bar on Valentine ’s Day. As to whether it’s towards ones spouses, children, parents or even that guy or lady one is into, a little extra love goes a long way.

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It is the morning of Valentine’s Day and the fever has already hit on social media. People have turned mellow and into lovey dovey love birds. I can already feel the scent of all the fresh red roses being sold on every street corner and the splash of red on the streets. My social media feed keeps on being interrupted by the unending promos on a dinner for 2 and all imaginable gift suggestions. I simply smile and scroll on.

So what would I wear on this special love filled day? I reckon my partly red jumpsuit and my white heels. For one a little splash of red is ideal since I wouldn’t want to go full out with the colour. The reason I would wear red and people wear red on Valentine ’s Day is because red is for one associated with energy, strength and power. The other reason is that the colour is also a symbol of passion, love and desire. So there we have it. No wonder red bottom heels cause such a stir when worn over and above their steep price tag.

By the way as a tip for valentines day next year or for any time a gentle man is getting flowers. Red roses mean “I love you” whereas White roses mean “I am the one for you”. Pink roses mean….. I’ll let your curiosity lead you to find out what they mean.

Till next week….

Have a love filled weekend!

Photography by HOK Photography

Jumpsuit by Withessycollection


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