I tend to believe that there’s only one rule to getting the best portrait photos. That is, fondling your best angle. This for most people is either the right side of their face, or the left, captured from an angle above your forehead. Below are a few tips that I believe will go a long way when you go for a portrait shoot. 1)Add an emotion to your face If you feel like your face looks the prettiest when you smile, just smile. And on the contrary if you have a strong fierce face, that might be just it!
2) Have signature goofy poses These make the shoot feel more of fun than work. Try make funny faces here and there , regardless of whether or not you think you are a goofy person.
3) Tilt your head This ensures the photographer captures each and every angle of your face. This means you have a variety to choose from and you might as well find out which your best angle is.
4) Play with your hands This helps you figure out more ways you can pose. It also ensures your photo doe not look too plain. Sort of creates a visual interest in the picture. Our last bonus tip will be
5) Be confident! Self confidence automatically reflects in the photo. And a confident face is a pretty face.
I hope you learnt a thing or two from this post, or better yet enjoyed it! Until next time, thank you for passing by Photography by HOK Photography

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