Ahh you are so adorable, you look so cute, those eyes, those cheeks, the way you giggle, the sky blue blanket on you …… by now you probably have figured out im talking about a baby. Those cute little munchkins that mellow us. In the same way I have a fashion piece that has a special place in my closet.

If you are keen on what I gravitate towards  on my fashion pieces  you will find  that I have a soft spot  for  jumpsuits. I simply love them and I have my reasons. For one your laundry basket never gets as full as it normally does in a single week! Another reason  and the one we will be talking about today is that you can always style them differently every time.

One of my all time styling hacks is that I simply do the hat trick! This applies to any time you are not feeling as stylish as you would like to. Just throw on your hat and put on some lippie. This instantly makes your entire look fell fresh and revamped.

There you have it. Have an amazing weekend guys and let me hear more of your style tricks on the comment section below.

Photography by: hok_photography

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21 responses to “THE HAT TRICK”

  1. maryanne muthoni says:

    The photos are wonderful and the piece is just simple ,good and straight to the point

  2. Shiro says:

    Nice piece essy

  3. Joss says:

    Nice one.. especially the Hat part😊

  4. Collin says:


  5. Kasmall says:

    Looking fabulous,,, dare to dream

  6. Emmanuel Muia says:

    Elegant brilliance

  7. McOluoch Gift says:

    nice piece

  8. Derrick Asugo says:

    Once again, Great piece. Keep it up Essy. Kudos!

  9. Shanie says:

    I love it

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