Whether it’s about red bottom heels, Chanel Bags, a vacation in Greece or a red Shelby with white custom leather seats we all dare to dream. At times our dreams are the furthest thing from reality while at times they might be the miracle waiting to happen. Whatever the case we should all dare to dream and work towards our beautiful tomorrow.

Truthfully speaking I dream of having a walk in closet full of shoes (a woman can never have enough), pretty sweaters, warm fluffy coats, striking dresses, playful pants and of course the jumpsuit I have on today (It’s a dream come true I’d say). It feels classy, comfy and all so gorgeous.

I also like the relationship it has with the  wooden cabin. The dark wood allows the blue to pop. Everything about the outfit including the brown heels feels all dreamy and perfect.

Until next time. Take care guys and Dare to Dream!

Photography by: hok_photography

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20 responses to “DARE TO DREAM”

  1. kibs says:

    look nice keep it up gal

  2. Dabbie says:


  3. Joss says:

    I totally love it

  4. Betty says:

    Always the best

  5. Nelly says:

    So beautiful…

  6. Emmanuel Muia says:


  7. Kush says:

    Nice piece, can’t wait for the nxt

  8. William says:

    super awesome.

  9. Bonnie says:

    Looking awesome

  10. Emmanuel Muia says:

    Looking good, your collection is awesome..the English is on point!

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