People draw inspiration from different things in life. For some creatives it’s taking a walk in nature, for some it’s watching the sun set, for some it’s watching animation movies and for some like me it’s colour. Colour blue to be specific and that is the first reason I love blue.

Save for inspiration blue also warms me up. Whenever it’s a cold and dump day I put on blue because in a way it makes me feel warm and cozy. Presumably people associate it with cold but in a strange way my feelings for blue are different.

So I’ve been inspired, felt warm and now feeling cool comes third on my list. Blue has the potential to make you feel you belong on the cover of a magazine when you look at yourself in the mirror. It’s a chilled out colour and must have in your closet.

Yellow screams energy, Red screams passion, Purple is elegance but blue is all about tranquility. Blue is such a peaceful colour. It has a calming effect on everyone even a baby who will not quit crying. Now the beauty of calmness is the fourth reason as to why I’m drawn to blue.

The fifth and last reason I love blue is because it is a timeless colour. It’s what you’ll see in the ocean or in the sky and on fashion pieces. It comes in different hues and in a way it feels like a colour one would never get tired of looking at. Putting on blue makes me feel connected to all eras of fashion in a way.

Now that you know why I love blue let’s take a look at what I have on. Today I settled on my sky blue sweater top. I’m using the terms settled since I’d have gone for blue hair, blue pants or blue shoes… rewind for a second. I was kidding about the blue hair. Anyway I also settled on the sweater because of the current weather. Sweater tops coupled with snoodies or scarfs will give you the warmth you need to face your day. To complete the outfit I paired the sweater with a pair of jeans and a comfy pair of heels.

To sum it all up I’d say If you have a favourite colour or one that your feeling at the moment go ahead and rock it with your favourite jeans or skirt. Let’s be vibrant and let’s splash the streets with colour.

Until next week

Photography by: HOK Photography

Outfit by: withessycollection


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  1. Joss says:

    I love love love

  2. Rodgers says:

    I’m a writer, and this sounds like advertisment for me

  3. Wow amazing article

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