Hello readers! I believe you’re all doing great and are celebrating  that the heat wave has finally broken. Today we are taking a break from the weekly fashion posts to have some fun at the “dancing petals live performance” event hosted by the BRIM ADVENTURES group.

Before we dive into how much fun I had, allow me to introduce BRIM to you. It’s a tour firm that started out as a group of five friends who wanted to hang out, travel the country and have fun after a long week of reporting to the office. Fast forward to today and BRIM is a tour firm that has grown and manages events as well as trips around Kenya. They have quite the following on their social media platforms. I will leave the links to their pages at the end of this post.

Back to the fun. So being the month of love, BRIM started off by ensuring every lady at the event had a red rose and chocolates. They also ensured that we had quite the array of snacks as well as a generous drinks menu. There was also quite a number of activities one could engage in ranging from musical chairs to dance along sessions. The chill out spots had haystacks for sitting and felt quiet chilled I must say.

During the event I got to dance, eat chocolate, network and meet new people, which has in return created a new social network for me. To say the least I had  quite some fun at the event and although I haven’t been to many events as of yet this experience got me looking forward to the next event they are going to organise. Are you going to join me?

Thanks BRIM ADVENTURES for the amazing experience!


Photography by:  HOK Photography



14 responses to “THE DANCING PETALS EVENT”

  1. Shanie says:

    Is that naiboi on stage? I sure will join you

  2. Carol Ndunda says:


  3. James Njaaga says:

    Wow,memorable times Essy,that’s what fun is all about,your outfit kills it all !!! Big up Essy,keep it up !!!

  4. Amoh says:

    Looks like an epic one,when’s the nxt event?

  5. Dj Cibin says:

    Brim events are full of fun. Eagerly waiting for the next one

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