Yes you heard me hats off because I graduated late last year. It was an amazing way to close the year. I even let the celebrations get the better of me and I did not post for a couple of Fridays. I took time off to restructure the blog and think of the content I wanted to put out this year. Graduating does push one to challenge themselves. It makes someone feel more responsible.

It is not only responsibility that comes with graduating but also a sense of accomplishment. I personally feel so blessed to have been able to be one of the graduates last year. A very special thanks to all my friends and family for helping me make the day and celebrations that followed after a great success. You guys are real gems!

If I were to give a little pep talk about Life in campus I’d say: It is quite good, but just like everything in life it has its challenges. If you are able to overcome these challenges, keep your head in the game and pass your exams  then you will become a victor and that is usually a call for celebration. Of course all special occasions require amazing outfits!

As we all know, clothes do count. So this is the part where the dilemma sets in for most people. Don’t worry though I got you. You know you have to look your best but you aren’t sure which outfit to settle on. For girls, you’ll need an outfit that looks and feels the occasion. Although some people may prefer black, I would advise you to choose a happy colour. You do not want to look dull on your graduation. Plus most gowns if not all are black hence need to create some contrast. On my graduation day I chose a pink off shoulder dress. First of all, bright colours bring out my dark complexion nicely and I feel like I pop more.

I would recommend you choose either a straight dress or a skater dress in your favourite colour. The length of the dress is really up to you. It’s your day after all. As for the shoes, do a comfortable heel or a wedge. I love my brown heels and I had to stick with them on this day plus they served me well by toning down my pink dress. If you are worried about getting tired, you can always choose a block heel.

As for the hair style, you will need to let your hair down so that you won’t have trouble putting on your cap. Long flowy hair does wonders.

Now for men, you will look way more awesome in a suit. Get a coloured tie if possible for a little bit of contrast. Keep it simple and with that said see you guys next Friday!

With love.

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30 responses to “HATS OFF”

  1. Kush says:

    Good one Essy.
    Keep up the good work

  2. Emmanuel says:

    What an interesting read!

  3. Janet Minoo says:

    You are an amazing lady in fashion and style.This is your best dear. I love every bit about you. it’s so great gal. congratulations.

  4. Rennie David says:

    You are really Good at it easy….Am totally in love with your blogs
    the pink dress is super awesome… always rocking swee

  5. Rennie David says:

    You are really Good at it essy….Am totally in love with your blogs
    the pink dress is super awesome… always rocking swee

  6. paul mokaya says:

    I saw you on graduation day……….truly you looked awesome..as usual this is what defines you………from me you still have all that it takes to be crowned as one of our very best

  7. Faith says:

    Nice one Essy, keep it up

  8. Kenyansoul says:

    Nice one for HATS OFF, Although it left me with the urge to read more. Congratulations for the graduation, you now have to face the so called responsibilities that come with graduation as you put it.

  9. Shanie says:

    Looking fab essy…thanks for the tips…I totally love your blogs

  10. Shanie says:

    Looking fab essy…thanks for the tips..awesome blogs

  11. Bridget Bahati says:

    You look nothing short of stunning 😍

  12. Aggie says:

    I love this pink dress 👗… I also admire your dedication $ commitment to your blog

  13. Solio says:

    Congratulations on your graduation and great to have the blog back. Looking forward to an accelerated year ahead.

  14. betty mwalati says:

    congratulations sweetheart you did it. I love that dress so much

  15. Juliet says:

    Wow beautiful

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