Hi everyone? Welcome to With Essy’s new website and look  . How you holding up! I have missed you all. It’s a new year and I know we all have our entire year planned, no? I personally do. Goals have been set and minds are psychologically prepared to smash them.

Usually what follows after a new year’s eve is the urge to set resolutions. The need to have some long list of to dos otherwise you are considered mediocre. Well maybe that’s true or maybe it’s not, but all I’ll say is: follow your passion and be consistent at it.

Now one of my favourite set goals this year is to go for excursions. But what would I wear to those? I am a lover of black and white. I could wear them every day. People say that you need some bit of colour to brighten up, but the contrast these two hues have is sure to thrill. I mean, they redefine minimalism.

On that minimalism note, I wore my really simple black pants and a white top,  then added on a piece of jewellery. Which in this case was my favourite silver chain. As for the shoes I did rubbers. Translation? Comfort. My funky tribal print bag came in handy too. So just in case you are planning to go on a trip this year these fashion tips will work for you.

See you next week guys.

Photography by: HOK Photography




52 responses to “MY EXCURSION LOOK”

  1. Patrick says:

    Great, your future is bright. Keep the spirit burning.

  2. Annah mwithi says:

    Awesome Essy

  3. Akoth Mumbo says:

    Happy new year darling. Looking beautiful in those pants. Be sure to invite me to those excursions honey. Good stuff.

  4. Keegan says:

    Nice piece!

  5. Lumush says:

    Wooouh soo lovely and gorgeous………you got a bright future

  6. Dabbie says:

    Happy new year!!! It’s great look tell you…more tips priiiss

  7. Amoh says:

    Great piece of work,keep it going…

  8. Nelson Mandela says:

    Awesome pics there Essy, have a prosperous 2018.

  9. Shanie says:

    Black n white kills it…good work essy

  10. Ali says:

    Good looking, bright future

  11. Ashley says:

    Simple and elegant, nice Essy!!

  12. Kanini Wambua says:

    Looking great dear.. the pics are on point

  13. Faith says:

    Happy new year hun. Nice start here, expecting more articles this year, all the best swty.

  14. paul mokaya says:

    Nice article………….and the captions are so on point

  15. Nick Muema says:

    This girl will go places. Keep up to your spirit.

  16. Caroline Waita says:

    Lovely read. Flowery language. I love love love it dear

  17. Bonnie Jake Khaoya says:

    So incredible dear

  18. Nicholas kaikai says:

    Nice choice. Beautiful

  19. Carol Ndunda says:

    Looking good gal

  20. Juliet vuteme says:

    Keep pushing gal ….I love the look….

  21. Happy New Yeah Darling. Bright Future for 2018 already began. Those pants making you look sharp and stunning. I see we going far. During those excursions kindly invite me even once.
    Success 2018. #Moguche

  22. Juliet vuteme says:

    Good Job Essy…continue making us proud….Best of wishes 2018

  23. Kenyansoul says:

    Happy new year to you, you look absolutely gorgeous in the outfits planning to recommend a friend.

  24. Estelle Munini says:

    Very proud of you…. Keep on shinning gal #alwaysafan

  25. Kush says:

    Niiiice one
    # adventurous 2018

  26. Juliet says:

    Great look girl

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