Hello readers! So I’m currently reading this book by Rachel Gibson and somewhere between the lines she quotes, “If the answer doesn’t come easy forget the question and move on”!  Deep, no? yes? Well maybe. But let’s have a different version today and say, if the answer doesn’t come easy, put on a dungaree and spark up the fun, alright?  Most probably all you need […]

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Hello guys! I am sure your new year is a buzz with activity and I believe that you are out there doing your best to tick off every item on your to do list. All the weeks rush and intensity can at times bog you down. If you aren’t careful you might end up crashing. That’s why it is important to wind down and take […]

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Yes you heard me hats off because I graduated late last year. It was an amazing way to close the year. I even let the celebrations get the better of me and I did not post for a couple of Fridays. I took time off to restructure the blog and think of the content I wanted to put out this year. Graduating does push one […]

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Hi everyone? Welcome to With Essy’s new website and look  . How you holding up! I have missed you all. It’s a new year and I know we all have our entire year planned, no? I personally do. Goals have been set and minds are psychologically prepared to smash them. Usually what follows after a new year’s eve is the urge to set resolutions. The need to […]

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