Ola! People say it’s cold so let’s keep warm, I’m hungry and WE suddenly have to go eat or I have a new pair of heels and you have to like them because they cost me a fortune. That’s what I call going with the flow. It happens to everyone especially in the morning when you have no clue what to wear. You normally end […]

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I mean it’s been a minute. Well a minute since I snoozed my alarm at 5.00 and I have no clue how my watch reads 6.00. My bed is really warm and I can’t really reach for my phone to set the alarm for 6.30, so I decide to pretend I’m listening to a classical tune. I finally gather the strength to hit the snooze […]

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Hello readers! It’s been a minute, you good? I am doing great myself. Today we will talk about frozen innocence. Ever heard that people do not really grow up? That we just learn how to handle situations and issues better? No? Take an example of that team building exercise you and your work mates attended a couple of months ago. The games you engaged in, […]

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Hello ladies and gentlemen. How are you all holding up? Personally I’m still trying to figure out if I’m exhausted or just sleepy or both. Who is ready for a chit chat? Lately I’ve been struggling with being awake and active for 18 out of the 24 hours in a day. Growing up I was always quite the sleepy head. I would let us say […]

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