How has the week been for you? I hope it’s been a calm and peaceful one. So today I will dive straight into business. I will be talking about something that I have absolutely zero self-restraint to…..


Fur fur fur! Who else is as crazy for fur pieces as I am? A friend of mine once said, “no one really gives a hoot about how good or bad your hair looks as long as you have clear skin.” Wait, or was it …. “as long as your make up is flawless!” Hey Makandi I hope your reading this and you can echo back on what your point was exactly.


So today I’m going to say it doesn’t matter what outfit you have on as long as you add some fur to it. If you don’t believe me, just try it out. Fur, whether a coat, top, or scarf gives you the classy feel.  Fur elevates your mood and energy.  It is as if it also forges a unique kind of friendship with peoples’ eyes and minds. Everyone always seems to be complementing you by either the look they give you or by actually saying it. Fur pieces can blaze up your look in seconds. Now, who wouldn’t want that kind of magic?!


As you’ve already seen on the photos I wore my little fur coat on top of my outfit. My fur bag too came in handy and everything blended in so well. Try this tip out. And you are set to go meet up friends. Looking all glam and gorgeous!

Until next Friday, keep rocking.

Photography by HOK Photography








28 responses to “A LITTLE BIT OF FUR”

  1. Linnet says:

    Damn!!! Not particularly but everything, i mean bag, shoes, that fur coat and my favourite hair style you know! Then that cute face,,, you rock,,

  2. Akoth says:

    OMG! I have always dreaded fur but it looks fabulous on you cherry. I love it,and the jeans is so pretty.

  3. Patrick Solio says:

    Cute Essy. ….great stuff

  4. mokayapaul says:

    awesome awesome awesome

  5. Wow I so love the fur bag ….and the poses are on point

  6. winfred mutile says:

    I love absolutely every bit of the outfit..its well blended.kudos!!!

  7. Emmanuel Muia says:

    What an interesting read! Keep up

  8. Naman Bosco says:

    As good as always….ensembled with the usual elegance. Keep up lady.keep up!

  9. faith says:

    Wow.. That’s my BFF.. Looking gorgeous. It’s her weakness..

  10. Haha,yes I am confirming my remarks about make up 🤗.
    And yes to fur,I was a little afraid of fur until I read this,thanks girl

  11. Kiki says:

    Nice shots I like

  12. Kiki says:

    Nice shots .I like

  13. Dan konana says:

    Interesting idea….I like it. Keep up essy

  14. Wilson says:

    Cute lady over there. Keep the shinning rock dear.

  15. Patrick says:

    OMG great stuff dear, and looking Great. I see Sky is your limit keep it up

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