Before talking about fashion or travel sometimes I like telling a story. Or let me put it this way, I like expressing myself, what I feel. So today I felt like talking about these amazing people we all can’t do without, friends. Don’t worry the post won’t be too long.


Today, so many of us, I included, let social media rush us. Friendships have become so shallow. People are more concerned about the, let’s meet up take a pic and post it on the social media hype. People claim to be friends yet they don’t take time to really understand each other, or worse still be there for one another.


I believe in the real thing. The kind of friendship that I know my friend is down for me no matter what. The kind where we can stay for a week without talking but you know someone genuinely cares. Let’s not get carried away.  I am no poet but I’m going to say this, social media is a lot of fun, and you can choose to make your relations with the people around you either real or not, true or not, black or white.


And on that black or white notch, let’s get down to what I wore today. I settled on this rugged pair of white jeans and a black chiffon top. Any day anytime you can rock your black and white. Not necessarily a trouser and a top, and know it will work. Always does.



Then once again I accessorized with my simple white beaded neckpiece and hat. These two are my run to accessories, even on bad hair days. Girls I know you understand all too well.

That’s a wrap for today. Enjoy your weekend everyone.




29 responses to “THE BLACK AND WHITE”

  1. Aggie says:

    creativity… keep it up gal

  2. Giqx says:

    Woow very nyc keep up mrembo

  3. Morgan says:

    So gorgeous and true. I love this…

  4. Icliffbeats says:

    I believe in the real thing too and this article is REAL. thumps up!

  5. Rennie David says:

    Loving every bit… go gal

  6. Juliet says:

    Nice piece.. congrats.. have a lovely weekend too

  7. true friendships, I love your blogs gal, good job

  8. Ali says:

    Great 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  9. Solio says:

    So very cool and lovely

  10. mokayapaul says:

    so friendly…..i like it

  11. winfred mutile says:

    One step at a time,go girl😍

  12. Musau laura says:

    Awesome piece

  13. James says:

    Well done Essy,Keep it up!

  14. NelsonMuli says:

    Better late than never,I just did it.Such a good piece

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