The other day my best friend was telling me that being a girl is a calling. At first I laughed. What exactly is your point? I asked her. So she went on and on about how we women have a hard time trying to decide which dress to wear and which top goes with which pair of pants. Well considering the number of clothes we own we sometimes find ourselves in a dilemma. It even carries on to what color we should die our hair, or would we rather do a weave or just retouch and style it or maybe just shave it all off so that it’s no longer such a pain. It’s a little crazy I must admit.


However, with that said here is the thing. Making whichever decision should never be a hassle. Especially with ones looks. Just be easy and go with the feeling and moment. And for men….. I know you normally don’t have trouble with your outfits or how to have your hair cut because you stick to what you are used to….   But once in a while you need to get off your comfort zone with your clothes and probably also experiment with your hair.


So about this look… Being the girl I am I had no clue on what to do with my shaggy hair. I thought, I would just head on to the salon and probably have a eureka moment hit me along the way. Wishful thinking I’d call it. Or maybe it wasn’t….

I was just about to leave the house and I was sitting in front of the mirror, I stroked my hair to the left and thought, what if I just got some lines done on the side of my head and then complete the look with a fluffy afro. And there  it was my moment of bliss since I’d finally settled on the hairstyle. Which by the way after having it done has turned to be my favourite and one I will definitely rock again in the future. As for the outfit  that I am still struggling to name lets just say it’s a hassle free kind of style.

Stay tuned guys there is definitely more coming your way!



















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    Great words there.

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    am so much impressed essy
    nice job
    keep the fire burning

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    Wow this is so cool Essy my dear.. yu rocking with such

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    awwwwwww……amazing gal

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    I’m thinking of rocking the style..absolutely loving the content keep it up Essy

  8. I still can’t believe the quiet girl I knew a few years ago has grown into this passionate model, nice piece there girl

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    Great Article! Well done!.

  10. wow it’s never a hassle……great work girl

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    Nyc work gal waiting for more

  12. The Essy I know for a period of more than 3years now, has really impressed me on the thoughts and mind she had coming up with such idea of using her beauty in looking for a daily bread. I know you going far and keep it up. Our support will be granted unto you whenever needed from us your friends. Great job done.

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    Good stuff 👌

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    there are nice pictures keep it up

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    Wow wow.. Go gal. Congrats

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    as usual….so smart….you got it right

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    Beatiful Essy,amazing looks

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    awesome piece essy.. keep it up

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    This is amazing. I go through the hassle all the time thinking that am alone. Thanks for the inspiration

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    Wonderful piece right there,i love the content..its amazing👌👌

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    Its a good article…I defiantly love the look…
    All the best!!!!

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    Woooow, well put Essy, I totally love the piece, the struggles of being a woman, You start out happy that you have no hips or boobs. All of a sudden you get them, and it feels sloppy. Then just when you start liking them, they start drooping.However, I’d much rather be a woman than a man coz we can cry and wear cute clothes. Thanks Essy for reminding us that it never has to be a hassle, looking forward for more articles from you ps keep it up, am so proud of you.

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    The cutest friend I have, u got all it takes dea.

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    Nice one

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    Nyc one keep up

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    beautiful lady with a big mind

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    wow,,this is amazing, am in love with that figure

  35. The photography is lit and your writing is simply charming.

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