Hello readers I hope you doing well. So in the next couple of posts I will share with you places I’ve visited and would wish to recommend if you are planning to travel this December holiday. Merry Christmas in advance to all everyone out here.

The forest is located in kiambu county approximately 60 kilometres from Nairobi, Kenya. You get lots of options in terms of the activities you can engage in. Some of which include ziplining, paintball, a nature walk, a magnificent waterfall.

Among all of them, what I enjoyed most was the ziplining. I have always been afraid of heights and this experience definitely helped me conquer my fears(well technically lol).

Their nature trail also gives you quite the experience especially if you are tired of the city craze and life. Well it kind of also helps you keep fit!

And since we all love food, well at least most of us, they have a cafe area where you get to eat while watching the most beautiful view .

There staff are also very hospitable and social. If you are planning to hold a birthday party, they will assist you in any way at no extra charge.

While at it, remember to bring a jacket and gloves.  it tends to get a bit chilly sometimes.

I recommend this site for anyone who is planning to have a birthday party, or for those o us who actually fear heights and might want to conquer that, or just anyone who is just looking to go spend time with friends.

Shout out to Titanic Tours & Travel for making this happen. And shout out to The Forest

Sometimes we forget about taking the perfect pictures to caption the real experience! Photography by HOK Photography

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